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fire safety in north lyon county

Fire Safety

The best fire is no fire at all. Our team is here to provide tips and tricks to help with fire prevention and safety for North Lyon residents.

Outdoor Fire Safety Services

Hot tips and information for fire safety outdoors.


All fireworks in Nevada must have the "Safe-N-Sane" label and purchased from licensed sellers.​

Emergency Supply Kit​

We recommend having a kit of food, water, face protection, and clothing to prepare for emergencies.​

Evacuation Preparedness​

In addition to a supply kit, be sure to have a plan of action for any evacuation.​

Car Seats

Make sure your little ones are safe! We offer car-seat inspections by appointment. Contact us today!

Fire Hydrants​

We accept reports for broken or leaking fire hydrants throughout the North Lyon area.​

Defensible Space​

These designated areas create a buffer zone to help firefighters defend your home during a wildfire.​

Schedule an Inspection for Smoke Detectors & Home Safety

Fire inspections are required quarterly by the State of Nevada.

Indoor Fire Safety Services

Hot tips and information for fire safety indoors.

In the Home

For licensing and compliance for home fire safety, visit our station.

Fire Escape Plan

Our team is here to help provide guidance on all fire escape plans.

Youth fire safety

Our team regularly provides informational lessons for youth throughout our community.

Carbon Monoxide & Smoke Alarms

Alarms should be set in each sleeping room, out each sleeping area, and on each story of the dwelling.

Cold Weather Safety

Temperatures below 32 degrees may cause black ice and freezing conditions.

Fire Sprinklers

A fire sprinkler system is required for living spaces above 5,000 square feet.

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