North Lyon Fire Department


North Lyon Fire strives to reduce response time for emergency services for residents throughout the district.

Firefighting Services

Our incredible team of firefighters and volunteers serve the North Lyon county community with preventative and emergency fire services. Our firefighters are well-trained with diverse skill-set that allows us to approach every emergency situation with care and expertise. 

Responding to a fire is hard work and is very complex. The officer on scene oversees the operation to ensure suppression and firefighter safety. 


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Rescue Services

The North Lyon Fire responds to rescue call for residents throughout the county.

Our firefighters are trained EMTs, and are able to provide patient care and treatments on emergency medical calls.

For any emergency rescue services, please call 911.

Wildland Firefighting

Hundreds of wildfires occur throughout Nevada every year. Our crew at North Lyon Fire is dedicated to containing these fires to ensure the safety of our community.

North Lyon Fire provides highly trained wildland professionals that are called to respond to wildfires as well as all-risk incidents throughout the county.

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hazardous material in north lyon county

Hazardous Material Response

Our crew at the North Lyon Fire provide a measured, intensive, deliberate approach to identifying hazardous materials.

We respond to hazardous material releases/spills for the purpose of mitigating the release/spill. 

Our trained crew will address and properly dispose of hazardous materials to ensure public safety.

Fire Prevention

We provide preparedness training, fire extinguisher service, and evacuation consultations to provide the best fire safety for Lyon county residents. 

House fires can double in size every minute, which is why we all need to be careful and educated when it comes to fire safety. Just a little bit of planning can make a big difference for your family.

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Firecode Enforcement

Fire inspectors are available to review buildings and residential homes are aligned with city, county, and state fire code.

The review of civil site plans, architectural drawings and fire protection system submittals is a major responsibility of our department. Be sure to schedule your inspection with any building plans in the area.